Ted & Jann — I’ll be watching a TED Talk a Day


I decided that it was time to do something cool again. By ‘Something Cool’ I mean something dumb and uninteresting that I will totally blow out of proportion and rave about for weeks before realizing it is pretty boring and no one cares and forgetting all about it.

I was thinking about watching every single movie on the Sight & Sound critics list. Which would be fun, but honestly if I have to see Citizen Kane one fucking more time this decade I will kill someone. And mostly I feared it would interfere with my writing (which is going fucking amazing, thank you for asking), so I shelved that idea for a while. I do want to do it at some point, or at least watch a bunch of more classics, because there are so many amazing movies I haven’t seen. Which is fine- you can’t see everything-, but I don’t really know how I can justify not having seen Ran when I have seen about 2 movies starring Paris Hilton. So some day, I shall commit to making myself feel slightly less culturally illiterate.

For now however I have committed to something slightly less time consuming yet equally awesome….

For the next six months I’ll be watching one TED talk a day. Why? I don’t know. Because I can. Because it’s never a bad thing to learn something new. Because there is this large vat of resources I’m leaving untapped. Because I’m too lazy to read a book. Because I have nothing better to do. Because I there is so much stuff out there I don’t know about. Because I think it’ll be fun. Does it matter? I don’t think it does. I’m doing it, and as the self-promoting narcissist I am, I’ll be chronicling it too.


So swing by there or just the TED website if you have 20 minutes to spare. I’m going to try to have as broad and random a spectrum of topics and not limit myself to shit I find interesting (since I’m pretty sure there are not that many TED talks about Brad Pitt and unicorns out there). But if you don’t, cool too, because I’m not really doing it for you. I’m just sharing it on the off chance you find it interesting too. And I’m completely open for suggestions. So if you feel there is this awesome talk I’m missing, send me a tweet at @JannekeRood. If you don’t have Twitter, you should probably sort your life out because you’re failing at Internet (yea, Grandma I’m looking at you!).


Happy Animals – Happy Sunday

Happy fucking Animals

I took a poll and 100% of the recipients said looking at pictures of happy animals made them feel warm and fuzzy. So since it is snowing like a motherfucker out here, and apparently it feels like it’s minus 24 degrees Celsius in Amsterdam… I figured we could all do with a little warm and fuzzy.

(also, I’m busy today, so I don’t have time to make you feel good about yourself by talking about my pathetic life. ;)




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I’m not dead… I’m Outlining — A conversation with my Imaginary ‘Fans’

In case you are wondering where I am. I am behind my computer… writing and outlining my story. It kinda takes time and effort. (and when I’m not doing that, I’m trying to get myself a bank account)

It’s been two months of that already. What are you…. A terrible writer?

Could be, could very much be. Safe to say I’ve been working really hard. And then some days not so hard. But I think I’m really making headway this time. And if not, in the worst case, I do learn to write really beautifully constructed sentences.

Yea, who cares. When is that screenplay you keep boring us with, done.

I’d say 7 months from now… If I can keep this up. I outlined 8 pages today, 4 of which I am really happy and 2 I can live with. So, I think I might not throw this version out completely. Maybe.

7 months… If you think I’ll keep reading this terrible blog full of Imaginary conversations with yourself and pictures of Indiana Jones and puppies… you are very much mistaken. 

Too bad. Here’s a picture of not Indiana Jones for your trouble.

Anyone else here think that combining Episode 1 with 3D might actually be the best Idea George Lucas ever had. Two negatives cancel eachother out, right?

Chipmunk Relapse

I’m sorry. I failed again.

I promised myself this was going to be the last time. I swore it on that most important thing in the world – myself. I crossed my heart and softly uttered these words: “I’m not going to give in to my own weakness anymore. I’m done. And this time I mean it.”

But then I saw this guy and I knew I had failed. I knew no was not an option. And it’s only going to be this one last time. For old times sake. And I’m not doing this for me, really. I’m doing this for you. For us.

Because you don’t want to miss this. You don’t want to be that douche sitting walking into your office on Monday facing the dead eyed crowd around the water cooler discussing this blog (I know it is your last vestige of hope) and you do not know what they are talking about it.

So, for you. I give you the most heart-meltingly cute Chipmunk at 400 frames per second.

Told ya. Melts your heart.

Sunday Surprise — Shake

If there is one thing people flock to this blog for, it’s not to read about my adventures in London; but to see awesome pictures of fluffy pets and killer tigers.And I would be stupid to take that away from you. I see now that we’re made for each other.
I am incredibly lazy, and you are so easily entertained.

So here’s ‘Shake‘ -portraits of dogs shaking off water – by Carli Davidson.

Have a great Sunday!

Payback is a Bitch…