How to torture your Dog – a.k.a. Shameless Pandering to those who love dressing up their dogs as Yoda.

It’s been a while since I felt the need to Google upside down dogs or smiling llama’s, but I had some time on my hand while listening to Podcasts and I did not want to deprive you of all these wonderful images of these poor tortured dogs.

If you’re actually looking for tips on how to make your dog pant awkwardly and secretly hate you forever, maybe go find a hobby because surely there are better things to do than dress up your most loyal friend like an awkward idiot.




51eN6MOgeQL._SY300_Asimages  imagesimagases images1 imagqwes21imagesyou-go-ahead-superman1-1315500628  Animal Planet Dinosaur Dog costumes - Sep 2011 article-1315486811599-0DC4859400000578-874544_466x310    dino-dog-costume-2 BumbleBeesadimages    isdamagessadsimagesStay tuned for Kittens with Yarn.


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