Pandas — Better than Crack

Because I can’t be bothered to actually write something, here’s a bunch of pictures of Pandas that will make you go “awww” for your trouble.

PandaI want a baby Pandapandaso many pandasPanda.

And what’s better than pictures of Pandas?? GIFs of Pandas, of course!

panda GIF

And What’s better than GIFs of Pandas. World peace! Yay.

But since you can’t have that… here’s a fucking awesome YouTube movie.

Kay Bye!

Oh FYI. The other day I met this old couple and they told me they had gone to China and met a Panda. And I was all like “Oh, that’s so cool!” But in my mind, they are dead now. Lesson of this tale. If you ever meet a fucking Panda. Fucking keep it to yourself!