Mind your Step.


People of Britain,

It’s been a while since we last had a serious conversation. Last time it was about your dressing habits that I frankly still don’t get.

This time we really should talk about your place in the world. Please listen to me and take note.

You are lost.

How do I know this?? Simple.

If anyone of you can tell me what side of the street is for walking, I will happily take back all I have said; eat my own words and such..

But you can’t, and you don’t.

You have a side for standing still (escalators) and a side for driving really fast (cars and bikes)… But a side for walking is nowhere to be found.

I think you guys should sort this out. There are quite a few simple solutions… The one I highly recommend you put in place is known as “Common sense”. Try it… It’s great!!!

And when using that you’ll find other things will work itself out at the same time. Miles will turn into kilometers. Leopard prints will turn black. Bread will start to have texture rather than taste like paste. Apple sauce will become a valuable part of your cuisine an tea will no longer resemble something your car can run on.

That’s all for now. I’ll be back to educate you later on.
Together we’ll make England a sensible and beautiful place!!

(and for all those people pointing out I never finished this blog post…. You happy now!!!)


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