I’m not dead… I’m Outlining — A conversation with my Imaginary ‘Fans’

In case you are wondering where I am. I am behind my computer… writing and outlining my story. It kinda takes time and effort. (and when I’m not doing that, I’m trying to get myself a bank account)

It’s been two months of that already. What are you…. A terrible writer?

Could be, could very much be. Safe to say I’ve been working really hard. And then some days not so hard. But I think I’m really making headway this time. And if not, in the worst case, I do learn to write really beautifully constructed sentences.

Yea, who cares. When is that screenplay you keep boring us with, done.

I’d say 7 months from now… If I can keep this up. I outlined 8 pages today, 4 of which I am really happy and 2 I can live with. So, I think I might not throw this version out completely. Maybe.

7 months… If you think I’ll keep reading this terrible blog full of Imaginary conversations with yourself and pictures of Indiana Jones and puppies… you are very much mistaken. 

Too bad. Here’s a picture of not Indiana Jones for your trouble.

Anyone else here think that combining Episode 1 with 3D might actually be the best Idea George Lucas ever had. Two negatives cancel eachother out, right?


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