Chipmunk Relapse

I’m sorry. I failed again.

I promised myself this was going to be the last time. I swore it on that most important thing in the world – myself. I crossed my heart and softly uttered these words: “I’m not going to give in to my own weakness anymore. I’m done. And this time I mean it.”

But then I saw this guy and I knew I had failed. I knew no was not an option. And it’s only going to be this one last time. For old times sake. And I’m not doing this for me, really. I’m doing this for you. For us.

Because you don’t want to miss this. You don’t want to be that douche sitting walking into your office on Monday facing the dead eyed crowd around the water cooler discussing this blog (I know it is your last vestige of hope) and you do not know what they are talking about it.

So, for you. I give you the most heart-meltingly cute Chipmunk at 400 frames per second.

Told ya. Melts your heart.


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