Getting Ready for the End Times — 2012, Here we Come!

I was going to write an update, but then I realized that it’s almost 2012 and we might die any minute now. I’m not sure why, but apparently the Mayans (you know them? Those people who had invented the wheel, but couldn’t quite figure out what to use it for) decided that 2012 was the end for life on earth. Or the entire universe… I’m a bit hazy on the details. Anyhow, End Times. Yea!

The Apocalypse is apparently upon us. And it would be a mighty shame if the last thing I do is write to you what a ridiculous (yet cool) year 2011 was for me personally, economically, mentally and of course, cinema-wise. I’ve seen plenty of lists naming the best moments, movies and worst haircuts of 2011, and I think my lists are way more awesome. (Minus the terrible haircuts. I don’t do terrible hair)

But I’ll spare you my opinion for now. I’m going to get some coffee before the apocalypse hits. I have a feeling that it might be slightly harder to come by that holy hot black liquid after we’re vaporized by a cosmic ray storm, a radiation shower, a rain of comets or just the wrath of some lousy god. also, I saw on Twitter that some dude in Asia just died of a new strain of the Bird Flu, so a virus that will wipe out all of human life might be a possibility also.
(And Now Twitter is down. What does that tell you…. First sign of the Apocalypse?)

Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

So, let me just wish you all a very happy 2012 for as long as it lasts. :)
I hope you all remember my words of warning and try to cram in as much luck, love and life as humanly possible. Also, find time to spend with your friends and family and if possible, save a puppy somewhere. According to our Mayan friends it could be over any second, and it be a shame if your last thoughts were: “Damn, I did not enjoy this ride at all. Also… I think I left the stove on.”

Well. I’m off for my last ever cup of coffee ever (although I’m keeping my fingers crossed that -unlikely as it may be- the Mayans just got really confused and fudged the dates up) so you bet I’m going to enjoy it!


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