America, you amuse me sometimes.

Oh Fox News, If only you were ironic instead of dead serious about this, perhaps then we could have liked each other. Then again, I don’t know why I ever expected anything else from Bill “Tides go in, Tides go out; therefore God exists” O’Reilly.

But Bill, as much as I think you are an ignorant and intolerant, mean old man, I’m still gonna stick up for you. Percentages are difficult for some people. People with brain damage for instance can sometimes have trouble with the difference between absolute and relative. So, don’t worry about it OK. I’m sure there are plenty of fifth graders out there who are also struggling with the concept. Perhaps you can all get together and figure it all out.

And don’t be offended, Bill. My intentions were good. I’m not saying you are brain damaged… I’m just saying it’d explain a lot.

Why you’ve clearly never been to Amsterdam for example.



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