The Day to be Jolly is upon us– Happy Holidays

The day I’ve been counting down to is finally up us. I must say, it’s rather anti-climactic. Turns out Christmas is just a day like any other day. Who’d have thought.

But many thanks to all my friends wishing me all the best and wondering if I am OK all alone in cold London City. Well, first of all, it’s almost sub-tropical here. Remember last Christmas, when we were practically snowed in?? Yea, that’s not the case this year.

And also, who are we kidding? This morning when I rose from bed, I stared at my jeans wondering if I should put them on and thereby at least keeping up the appearance that there was a possibility of me leaving the house today. I snickered loudly, while I picking up my sweatpants from the floor. Yea, we all know I’m not leaving the house today and why the hell should I? If the Apocalypse can happen any day, I vote for it to be this day. I have everything I need for a few days in here (barring power outage. That’d be terrible). Food, entertainment, water, alcohol. I’m good.

So, don’t worry guys. I know Christmas is a time to spend with your family and friends. And in a way I am doing that. The past 24 years I spent it with all my real life friends and family, and this year I’ll be spending it with my good though -somewhat imaginary- friends John McClane, Harold & Kumar, Kevin from Home Alone, Pocahontas, the kids in Super 8 and many, many more. In fact, I’m looking really forward to meet up with them, so I’m gonna head out. :)

I was going to write the mandatory Christmas email today, but because I’m very lazy I pushed it back to new year. In a way it is a shame, because I was gonna make it rhyme. Well, better luck next year. But at least you got to see the drunk Santa I had reserved for it. Let that man be a cautionary tale to you all… I’m not sure exactly for what… Probably that stripping to your underwear whilst wearing a santa beard and passing out in an alley still clutching your last bottle isn’t the best idea you’ll ever have. Might be the last though.

Alright guys, happy holidays once more. If I do get bored today, you might see me back here… but I wouldn’t count on it!

But here’s the last of the Happy Holiday Animals I collected.


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