1 Day till X-Mas — Christmas Eve Day.

So, today is the day of Christmas Eve. It is also the day of last-minute shopping and apparently caroling is really a thing here. Not to mention that to day is the day I found out there is only a limited supply of great holiday animal pictures on the Internet (not really though, I was just too lazy to bother looking them up). And last but not least, today is the day I found out my walls are paper-thin, or I just have deaf neighbours. As I write this they are blasting WHAM’s Last Christmas through their house and through mine.

I make a point of avoiding Christmas songs (Joy… They have the song on repeat.) as much as possible. Not so much because they are terrible, but mostly because there are about 10 Christmas songs everyone seems to enjoy, so for more than a month you’re forced to listen to those songs over and over again. It is enough to drive saner people than me mad. So, no Christmas songs for me.

Well, perhaps this one, Woody Allen Jesus. The comedian Tim Minchin wrote it for the Jonathan Ross show, but a Network bozo cut it because he deemed it too controversial. It’s ridiculous for a dozen of reasons I won’t go into right now. Just see for yourself.

It’s now my favourite Holiday song. I could actually listen to this more than once. (My neighbours, in the mean time have gone on to Mariah Carey’s Christmas Classic)

That’s it. I can’t take this anymore. I’m off for some coffee and a bit of writing before I throw myself in the fray of last-minute Christmas shopping.

I did most of my shopping yesterday evening (around 10.30PM, great time to shop). But of course I forgot a few essential items. I’m keeping it mostly simple. I’m cooking myself some nice steak with some veggies and taters. But for the grand finale I’m making Tiramisu, which I have never done before and since I always think I don’t need a recipe, it’ll be one horrifying disaster!

awwww. Don’t you just want to eat this guy up!? So cute.


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