4 Days till X-Mas — The Cat in the Hat

I’m sorry if you don’t like cuddly creatures. Really I am, because it means you are a robot instead of a real boy (Why is it never a girl?? Perhaps because it brings these images (or should we call them neurosis) to mind and those are just slightly more creepy than even Haley Joel Osment… Just slightly though… That kid is creepy.)

And I am also sorry for you because that means that the next few days, this blog will become your worst nightmare as I unleash my cute animal googleing skills upon this blog. Prepare for cute dogs, pigs, reindeer and apes in santa costumes. It will be as if a thermonuclear bomb containing fluffiness, cuteness, candy and rainbow unicorns exploded here. There will be so much warm, cuddly fur, it will actually make you cry.

I love it.


Wow. I just googled Haley J. Osment. He got crazy fat. Now I remember why I never became a child star. It’s because I rather get fat and arrested for DUI in private. That’s why, of course!

Disclaimer: Janneke Rood does not approve of driving under influence and will kick you if she catches you doing it.



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