Job Hunting

Naming this post job hunting brought to mind images of men in dark suits, all frantically running around while I chase them with a paintball gun hoping to just hit one of them while anxiously firing off rounds in every single direction.

This would be a good analogy for the job hunt I’ve been on these past few weeks, but only if chasing with me were a gazillion more people with much bigger guns. While my gun reads: full-time awesome person, theirs read something along the lines of: degree in economics,  or: experienced waitress, or even: Slightly more full-time awesome than Janneke Rood. (Though I have a hard time believing that last person really exist…)

Today I realized for the first time that I should perhaps equip myself with a slightly different arsenal; instead of an AK-47 I should get myself a sniper rifle. I should stop trying to hit any target, and instead put some more time, preparation and thought into aiming for that one single target I really like to hit.

With that in mind, I applied at the Apple store today. I think I’d be great for it, I know how to do it, and I would really enjoy working there. So, now I hope they respond to my application. I don’t really mind being ignored by things and jobs I could care less about (though it gets a bit tedious at times) but I really would like this job and I do really like Apple. So to be ignored by them would put at least a temporary dent in my fanboyism. And I really don’t want that to happen.

So, fingers crossed! :)


Note: I edited this post a bit because I sounded like a giant douche bag.
Yes, I can be aware of that at times. :)
The lesson I took away from it was that I shouldn’t write when I’m tired…


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