I was gonna wait — Turns out I have no self-control

On occasion I’ve been known to dabble my hand in some light gaming. I don’t mean board games, no sir! I hate board games. They leave too much to chance. I don’t really enjoy playing with other people, and other people really hate playing with me. It might be because I like getting creative with the rules, and they like to call that cheating (Such a banal, unimaginative way of looking at it.)

And what I hate even more than playing fair, is losing (and somehow I always do)

Thank God for video games…

Which is exactly what I’ll do this Holiday season (well, not exactly. I don’t thank any God. That would be silly.) Rather than spending the day all by myself watching sappy Christmas flicks, I decided to spend the day with my Elven Alter ego (Avatar? What are the cool kids calling it these days?). Some gaming and some drinking (Malibu, because it is such a festive drink) might be a nice way to spend an otherwise boring and probably slightly lonely day. So, I went out and bought The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim..

But of course I have no self-control. I couldn’t wait till Christmas Day, so I just popped it in the PS3 here that is just functioning as a very expensive dust collector. So, if you don’t hear from me for about 300+ hours. Do not worry. I’m just fighting in the land of Tamriel against something Evil (I haven’t really figured out what the story line here is, it seems rather complicated. Here’s a trailer)


I feel a wonderful Christmas tradition coming up.

Oh, and guys… Please don’t get me anything for Christmas… No really. Don’t… (But if you do get me anything, please get me a sarcasm font. I desperately need it.)



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