Sunday Surprise

Because I am busy staring at people in the Coffee shop (I finally found some decent coffee, and it’s only a 15 minute walk from my house) I’m not going to blog today. I was going to write about Thor. Not the Norse God, but the movie… featuring the Norse God but set in a Marvel Univ… well, never mind. The plot of the film irked me and I was going to complain here.. But now I am busy staring at people and bingeing on Cappuccinos.

So instead, I present you with something you undoubtedly appreciate much more… A pretty picture of a cute baby Tiger playing hide and seek…. So cute. Also, endangered. So enjoy it while it lasts. Also, a genetic abnormality, so again, enjoy it while it lasts.

And for the people who have no heart and think Tigers suck… Well, you really don’t deserve it, but I got something for you anyways. Only because I am getting used to people reading this blog and I don’t want to lose you… But it does make me wonder; if you don’t like cute pictures of baby tigers… are you even a person at all?


Not here of course, but during dinner with the family or something. Definitely not here. (Unless, the answer is: ‘No, I am not a person because I am a terminator from the future send back in time to kill you… My hatred for baby tigers is irrelevant to that mission. It’s just something from my terminator childhood that I can’t shake, but I really don’t want to talk about it.’ Then, by all means, leave a message.)

O yea, the alternative for you tiger-loathing heartless terminators… Well, I mentioned Adam West’s Batman the other day… So for all of you who live in a cave that is not inhabited by bats but by cultural ignorance. Then let me present to you for your eduction and entertainment… Batman starring Adam West. Enjoy.

OK, Have a nice Sunday.


And if you’re still wondering why Thor vexed me so much. I will explain it soon enough… Unless I drink myself into a coffee coma or get abducted by Russian Mobsters (it happens!) Then you’ll probably never know. Live with it.


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