Things I discovered in England

I’m nothing if not a walking contradiction. For instance, I may have said I am not going to write about my London Adventures one post ago… And here I am, writing about it.

When I say discovered, I mean of course, I found out some stuff I didn’t know before… Not that I discovered there was a giant stretch of land that no one knew about before (except maybe the natives but I am going to disregard them because they can’t read) and claimed it for my Queen and Country. (But only because Magellan and Columbus beat me to it)

I’m sure that whatever I am going to list, there’s a bazillion people going: “Dude, I knew that. Totally.” (I write all of my friends imaginary dialogue like they are really stupid.:) But here’s some things I ‘discovered.’ For your convenience, I dissected them into 2 different parts. The Good and The Bad. I was going to add, the Ugly… But I think we all know what I would list under that, so no point in bringing it up.


Good Stuff

  1. Smarties Chocolate Chip Cookies. Seriously. I haven’t eaten it… But come on, that must be the best thing ever. Except for maybe Oreo Cake.
  2. Frulli Strawberry Beer. The only thing I dislike about beer is that it tastes like crap. Now it tastes like Strawberries. What’s not to like.
  3. No Subtitled Movies (at least not the ones I watch… Because let’s face it… I’m not exactly a connoisseur of the French Cinema.)
  4. People start drinking early and go to bed early. So instead of rolling out of a bar at 4AM in the morning, you’re in bed before midnight. It’s great!
  5. Eating out at 11PM… and by that I don’t mean the McDonalds. Actual dinner.
  6. Apple Cider is an acceptable drink. (Yay.)
  7. Great Food – In restaurants at least. I’m still not the best Chef in the World. But the restaurants here employ the best chefs in the world… so who cares.
  8. It’s not all that cold.
  9. People are mostly really friendly (more so than in the Netherlands at least)
  10. Tube – That thing is going places. Also, Oyster Card… it works.
  11. People have a great sense of personal Style (except Hipsters of course. Who are just faking it… and stupid)

There’s probably a lot more.. But this is all I can come up with now. Bad stuff is so much easier because… well, you know me. I am very well tuned to noticing flaws.


Bad Stuff

  1. Yoghurt tastes like crap (same goes for Peanut Butter)
  2. Apparently no one has ever heard of Sweatpants Sunday.
  3. There is not a person in this country who has decided which side of the road is for walking. I’m not kidding. It’s crazy. Pick a side people!
  4. Cinema’s are freaking expensive. And they’ve never heard of a subscription. It’s sad.
  5. Tube. It may take you places, but sometimes it just doesn’t. Also, it’s hot in there.
  6. I get lost all the time. Which is great, but sometimes it’s just annoying.
  7. These people do not understand what goes into making a good cappuccino.
  8. ….

That’s it?! I’m lost for words. It’s impossible that I can come up with more positives than negatives… but it appears to be so. Weird huh. Well, there used to be the mild inconvenience that I could not watch The Daily Show here… Which I could in the Netherlands. But thanks to online streaming,  now I can. So, that’s gone.

Stamppot!! That’s something that ain’t here. Hmm. Stamppot.

I’m not even sure there is a word for it outside of Holland. According to Google translate… it’s Stew, but I’m not buying it.

But that’s all I find at fault with this country. They have no stamppot and terrible coffee. It might just be because it is a lot like home, without it being actually home… Either way I love it. So yea. Basically I discovered that I discovered that I have very little to complain about. Life is pretty good. People, including myself may be perpetually lost… but we’re having a good time. So it’s all good. Also, I’m buying those Smarties cookies tomorrow so that makes it even better.


FYI: if you’re wondering why there’s a picture of a Hamster smelling the flower, when it’s got nothing to do with the post. I’m well aware of that. But this post has little to do with this post. Also, it’s a really great picture… and I like it.

Just like this one.

If Tiger’s weren’t already my favorite creatures on the planet… I’m sure the Panda would be the one to replace them. I love Pandas.


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