Is there such a thing as too many ideas, because I thi…. Squirrel!

Hey there, dear reader… I can say this now because there are for the first time in my life, actual people reading my blog. So far it’s only 190 hits… But when you come from one accidental hit a month, the increase is insane. So thank you all for reading, and don’t be a stranger.

I’m not going to be as thoroughly entertaining as I usually am. It’s just going to be a quick update because I don’t have much time today. Why not? Glad you ask.

I’m on a roll…. really. The inside of my head looks like Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory right now… but instead of chocolate, there’s just a gazillion ideas floating around. In fact, I kinda feel like Dug, the dog from up… All my ideas are squirrels, and whenever I am focussing on one… another runs right past me. I don’t know how to catch ’em all… so I am kinda running in circles…

But I am still getting a lot of work done. I’m exploring Half a bit further to see in what exciting new directions I can take it. This morning I went jogging and I finally found an angle that cracked open my post-apocalyptic ‘Stand by Me/Apocalypse Now’ that I’ve been trying to write for 6 or 7 months now… And then Last week I had another idea… which I can’t really talk about (weird huh, I am that guy now… ) except to say it’s really, really cool… and if I can pull it all together I will be one happy camper.

So yea, London. All by myself with little to do except write is working miracles for me… I am more focused than I’ve ever been… and I am excited to see where it all goes. So much so that I am doubting whether I should get a job here, or just spend 2 months writing, live on a budget and then see what happens. Distraction such as a job might be lethal. I don’t know. Still thinking about it. Feel free to let me know what you think because I honestly don’t know what I think about it.

No friends, no money… but writing. Doesn’t sound that good an idea… I’m going to start looking for a job anyways, and I’ll see what happens… But for now, I’m quite content behind my laptop with a mug of disgusting tea and a cardboard peanut-butter sandwich…

Not kidding. Peanut butter here has the consistency of cardboard… anyone ever tried to spread cardboard on their sandwich. It’s difficult… I can tell you… and it also tastes like cardboard… And don’t get me started on the tea here… I just mailed home if the could please send me some tea that doesn’t make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up straight… Also. Stopped drinking coffee. Tastes like tea here. It’s Ridiculous. : )

Cracks me up… every time.


2 thoughts on “Is there such a thing as too many ideas, because I thi…. Squirrel!

  1. Ik leer beter Engels door jouw blog. Dus daarom ben ik één van de 190.
    Misschien moet je het ook in het Nederlands gaan maken, dan hoef ik niet alle woorden op te zoeken, die ik niet snap??? Dat noemen ze klantenbinding.



    • Ja, maar dat zou betekenen dat ik niets meer leer… Ik zit hier niet om mijn Nederlands te verbeteren, niet om meer bloglezers te krijgen… :)
      En net alsof ik ooit een kans zou laten schieten om jouw leven te verbeteren… Je mag me bedanken wanneer je wilt..
      Maar anyways, dankjewel voor je klandizie. Het word ontzettend gewaardeerd en ik hoop dat je nog lang aan jezelf blijft werken middels mijn blog.


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