Bouncing right back up.

Still a little queasy, but I’m bouncing back. I feel a lot better and am looking forward to get on with my work. I am going to go out in a minute, explore some bit more. Hopefully meet some new and interesting people. I just send out an email to a film festival here, hoping to join their organization. It won’t be paid, but it will be a nice way to meet some like-minded people.

Apart from that, I have a boatload of writing to do. So after lunch, I am going to get the tube and go into the city. I’ve yet to find a place that is nice to work from, but I’m sure I’ll find something suitable soon. And if not, at least I have done some writing. At the moment I’m mostly focusing on turning ‘Half.’ into a decent length screenplay.  I’m still struggling with my other writing project about the Apoclaypse… but I’m sure that with a little work I’ll crack it soon enough.

Also, isn’t the underground sign the best design you’ve ever seen? Every time I see it I can’t help but marvel at it. It’s wonderful!


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