Bye Bye Love


It was the thing I’ve been dreading to do for weeks; say my goodbyes to my friends. It’s not that I thought it would be one emotional rollercoaster full of tears and dramatic confessions of long kept secrets (I wish). I just was expecting me to be sad, miserable and depressed the whole night.

But it turned out to be just fine. Perhaps because I’ve been bracing myself for weeks for this moment, or perhaps because I know that I’m not all that far away from everyone… But it was fine and I was fine.

I was genuinely happy to see everyone one last time before I leave. There were some people I wish I had spent more time with. There were some people I wish I had spent less time drunk with. There were some people I hadn’t expected. And then there were the usual suspects who stayed till the end. All in all, with a few exceptions everyone showed up. More people than I had counted on. It was a nice surprise and a very nice evening with not a tear in sight.

So, to those of you reading this… Thank you so much and thank you for all the wonderful gifts. They are much appreciated. The only thing that could have made this party any better was John Mayer… But that basically goes for anything in Life. John Mayer and cookies.

So, I’m gonna spend my last two days here hanging with my dog and quietly packing my stuff. I have no idea what I am going to bring… Except for this shirt =)



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