And here I thought this was going to be hard

Life is hard, I think we can all agree on that. But it apparently gets a little bit easier if you can write…

Today I spent a good 30 minutes writing an add to put on a website that connects people that want to rent out a room, and those looking for one in England. It went like this:

Best Pancake Baker Looking for a Room:

Hi There,
Apart from baking some of the best pancakes in the world (True Story), I also know how to make a decent cup of coffee (it’s harder than it sounds)
Here’s some other awesome things about me you really should know. I am training to run the NY Marathon. I can paint, and not only your walls… real canvases. I am a writer, so I can basically work from anywhere, but prefer to work from the local coffee shop so I won’t be in your way most of the time… And to top it off; I have a giant collection of DVD’s, all of them great!
I’m quite neat, although I imagine everyone saying that. I like doing dishes, not so keen on drying them. Hate vacuuming, rather use a broom. I like to cook, but not for myself alone. I love dogs, so if you have one… I don’t ever mind walking them.
I am quite easy going, there’s just a few things I thoroughly dislike.
1. Hooligans (because they’re stupid)
2. Misogynist. (same as Hooligans)
3. Babies (They freak me out.)
4. Fish and Birds (Same as babies).
5. People who think Pearl Harbor is the BEST MOVIE EVER…
Apart from that, I’m OK with basically everything.
So, if you like some great coffee and pancakes, and someone to walk your dog/cat… Or just an awesome easy-going roommate with a great taste in movies, music, clothing and Food. Send me an email or gimme a call.


Within 3 hours I already have 6 people emailing me to come check out their house. One of them has a baby, but she liked my add anyways and just wanted to say that…

So, yea. This is going to be fun after all. All I have to do is live up to my own writing… That’s not hard at all… (Yes, that was sarcasm… They really should invent a font for it…)

Also, I got myself and all of my Fanboy Apple Products insured. I know how to get a bank account (Basically, it’s impossible… Thank you sucky economy, way to go!).  So yea, I might be  a small step closer. Now all I have to do is not forget that I don’t actually have a room yet… and respond and get it all in order from another country.

This is going to be freaking hard. How do people without awesome writing skills and a Bluetooth keyboard for their MacBook do this stuff, I sometimes wonder.

(Yes, I know I am an asshole… I don’t need anyone telling me that… :)


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