London Express — Departing in 2 months

Less than 2 months from now, I’ll be boarding a train that will take me in 8 hours from the mundane Lelystad centrum to a new Adventure in London. I’ll carry one suitcase that will contain everything I own from that point on. No more fancy DVD shelves lining my walls, no more endless stacks of books, shoes, clothes, and all that other crap I really needed to have and seems so meaningless now.

I’m leaving the country I grew up in, loved living in and made me who I am. I’m leaving Amsterdam, the city I feel so at home in. I’m leaving all of my colleagues and collaborators, people I’ve worked so hard and shared so many moments of despair and victory with. I’m leaving my friends and family; who stuck with me through the years of fun filled madness and who all still miraculously love me… And who I love back of course. Worst of all, I’m leaving my dog, who I watched grow from an idiot pup into an idiot 14-year-old granny.

So yea, I’m really leaving it all behind.

And for what?

I have no idea. This weird feeling that I am not in the place I should be. The vague notion that it will be really interesting to find out who I am when there is no one who knows me. And of course; the lingering hope that it’ll give my writing some new impulses, that I will finally sit down and finish those screenplays that have been bugging me for a year now.

(That last hope perhaps is a little too hopeful. I was planning on sitting down today, to pick up a pen for the first time in months… and instead, in a perfectly defiant act of procrastination, I started this Blog)

So, 15 November it is. 10 days before my 25th Birthday I am doing what I always said I’d do. I’m leaving it all behind. God knows for how long. I’m not expecting it to be horrible, but who knows. And even if it isn’t. I might be unable to secure some monetary impulses… you know, like a job… and money might just run out. So, we’ll see. I promised my good friend Wez’ I won’t return before I’ve slept in a cardboard box under a bridge… I’m very much set on keeping that promise.

It’s all gonna be one big adventure. And I’m going to keep you updated on this blog about my ups and downs. I’m going to try to be brutally honest. It’s never easy, I know… And I might occasionally resort to self-pity which is never pretty, but I promise I warn you beforehand so you can skip over those posts.

Since these next two months are as much a part of the big adventure as those that’ll follow after November 15th, I decided to get this blog running a bit early. Besides, with the Dutch Film Festival coming up and all the early moving preparations and inevitable anxiety attacks… Good Times ahead…. Therefor it’s as good a time as any to start writing it all down. I don’t expect anyone to actually read it, but it’s good writing practice anyways.

I went a bit back and forth with myself on whether this blog should be in Dutch or in English, but I decided on the latter. While writing in Dutch is probably a nice way to keep my language skills up to date, I am not really planning on going back and writing in Dutch for a while. So English it is, in the hope it gets better and better. I’m sorry for those people whose grasp of English is less than rudimentary, but you should consider yourself lucky. First off, you have an excuse to not read anything I write (huge timesaver), secondly, if you do get bored you can use my no doubt numerous posts to improve your command of the English language and thirdly, you get to demand I send you personal emails in Dutch about my adventures (Disclaimer: Janneke Rood cannot guarantee these emails will not be blog posts ran through Google Translate)

Alright, that pretty much wraps it up for my first blog post. I’m hooking up this Blog to my Twitter account, so no worries about missing posts… :)  (Unless you’re not on Twitter… But in that case… You’re so out of touch with modern society you’ve probably never heard of a Blog either… Or the Internet. Or England (Hint: It’s where Britannia used to be…))


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