Half – A film about how an unhealthy dose of imagination and a true friendship can conquer all obstacles

My thesis film came about after 4 months of writing (and procrastinating) and two more moths of pre-production. By now I’m not even sure where the idea of this film came from. I’d just broken up with one of my best friends, so that was on my mind. Also, I’d been reading a lot on the struggles of gifted children and was dealing with all the feelings that awakened. So, some bits of it were personal…]. I love Indiana Jones, so a short homage opened the screenplay. I knew we’d be shooting in my childhood home town, so that was taken into account. I love riding horses, and I know how beautiful it looks when they run up a sandy hill, so that went in there. Tigers, adore them… so they were there as well…

The rest was just structure and stuff I knew would look great. I cut quite a few scenes during writing and pre-production and was still cutting on set. I waited a long time before actually shooting it. Most of my classmates had already graduated when I stepped onto set for the first day of shooting. I don’t really mind it. I think my film is better for it. I could do this only once, and I wanted to do it the best way I could.

So I took my time focusing on the story… and not before I knew this was the best it was going to get, did I start pre-production.

The school I attended really isn’t that well-organized. There are no producers or production designers. There are a few camera operators and a gazillion Directors… And that’s about it… So I wasted little time looking for a good producer (I’d gone through that process a few times before… so I knew better than let that slow me down) I asked my brother to help me and did most of it myself.

A lot of people say that you can’t… That’s not entirely true. You can. You just have to give up on seeing your friends or sleeping. And that’s what I did. For 2 months I breathed this film. I woke up with it and went to bed with it (not literally). Most of the days were horrible… (I’m a director, not a producer after all) but I stuck with it because I knew I was the only one who was going to do this.

It took me over a month to find the right actress and not until a week before shooting did I find my right Felix. By then not even the entire crew was complete. But on the first day, with a very small crew of about 15 people we kicked it off. The camera was rolling…

Still, it wasn’t a breeze. One day we lost our Gaffer (head of lighting). My wonderful D.O.P. and I both feared he had driven his motorcycle into a ditch and died… But it turned out he had just not understood we were shooting that day and went out without his cell on him. And another day we even had to cancel a day of shooting because we had no crew (there was a music festival that every single person in the country went to… except us of course). But we got through it all, with no accidents and a beautiful film.

And then the long wait started. My editor was still working on a feature film, and I definitely wanted to work with her, so I had to wait for almost 2 months before getting into the edit suite. When we got there, the material looked great but the sound was horrible and we had to dub every single scene.

But we got through that and the effects were coming together beautifully. It’s a year later now and the film is complete. It’s ready to be send out to every single festival and I’m anxious to see how it’ll be received.

Ok, now the promised pictures. I figured I’d be much easier to just create a slide show than to upload every picture individually.. Turns out I’m no genius when it comes to embedding… so, here are a few of the promised Pictures. You can see the entire slideshow here

the order is not like in the film… for the better part of it. So don’t even bother guessing the storyline from it. And sorry for the amount of pictures. Hope your Internet connection isn’t a dial-up anymore… You’d be screwed…

Update: Already got a positive reaction. I sent the film to the Dutch Film Festival (NFF) and someone from Breaking Ground contacted my school, asking for a copy of my film. They’d seen it and wanted it for their archives. So that is really a nice compliment. Will keep you posted on further development


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