On Procastination and Delay

Recently I’ve started to notice a funny thing. If you put something off for one day, you will put it off forever…

It’s so incredibly easy; putting stuff off till later. I’ve been doing it for years. I always keep pushing stuff back to a more convenient time. Truth is, there isn’t. The most convenient time is now. Because when you put something off, the reasons NOT to do it only seem to multiply. it actually gets harder to get down to it, because last time you found a reason to delay and that reason is just as valid as any other reason.

There usually is no good reason to not do something right away… But still, the reasons to not do it weigh so much more than the reasons to do it. Because, just like everyone else… I don’t like calling my hair dresser for an appointment, and I really don’t want to go to the gym right now, and I hate going to the gyneacologist so it can wait one more week, and yes… I really rather go shopping than job hunting…And my reasons to put it off for one more day (indefinitely) are usually of the: “Tomorrow is much more convenient to do this.”-variety… and today they always make a lot of sense to me.

And I have been delaying and putting things off this way for many years, and I got through them just fine… but recently I started doing things right away. It really SUCKS! I tell ya, nothing sucks more than doing stuff right the instant you think of them. A part of me really resents myself when I sit down and set myself to do those awful chores.

But then, when the Internet is disconnected and I’m sitting down, writing my stories… or when those running shoes are on and I’m outside after a day of working really hard… or when I’ve picked up the phone and am having a nice chat with my barber… I realize it is actually really nice.

For the first time in my life, there is not this huge backlog of shit I still have to take care of. No worries when the mail comes that the collection agencies will be knocking on my door again. Nothing of that kind. I just browse through the mail, knowing that for the first time in my life, my act is starting to come together. I am actually running 5 miles every day, training for the marathon… knowing that in one year I’ll be in shape…

It’ll never be easy… I’m insanely lazy. Procrastination is basically my natural state… and now I’m fighting it. Every day, I’m fighting my urge to just do absolutely nothing… It’s a tough fight, because every reason is valid for not doing anything. But I also know that I’m deceiving myself. If I put something off till tomorrow, by tomorrow I’ll have found another reason to put it off for another day… ad infinitum. And then, one day… BOOM… Deadline… BOOM… a Letter from the collecting agency for 300 euros…. BOOM….. Never graduated because I didn’t hand in my stuff… Etc.

So, yea… As nice as it is to put things off… there usually isn’t any reason to do it… and once you give yourself a reason… You’ll never do it.

Nike said it best:

Just Do ItJust do it.

It’s not always fun… it’s not even rewarding… people who tell you that are full of shit…

But in the end it doesn’t make a difference. You gotta do it anyways, why not now?

Just do it


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