Barney Stinson — I love you

Nothing gets you down like unemployment. Well, almost nothing.

At first, it might seem like a nice break from all the hard (and possibly unfulfilling) work you’ve been doing these past years. You finally have time to do all those things you didn’t have the time or energy to do before. I was finally going to get in shape, write on my various screenplays every day, I was going to go to Barcelona again, spend more time with my friends and just have fun.

But all of your friends have a job and no time for you anymore, writing is hard because it’s not going as well as you’d imagined, and Barcelona is never going to happen without any money, savings are diminishing fast, the gym is pretty far away, and you can do that tomorrow anyways.

You apply for jobs, but most of the time you don’t even get a reaction; and when you do, most of them are negative. During the occasional job interview you do go on, you manage to make a giant arse out of yourself. The next interviews only get worse, and worse and worse. You are over- and under-qualified at the same time, and no one is really looking for a twenty-something washed up artist.

And things slowly turn hopeless. You don’t notice it at first… but then you get to that point.

Every morning you hardly have any reason to get out of your bed. When you finally do, there is no reason to get dressed, so you just walk around in your comfy sweatpants. Leaving the house becomes less and less appealing, because that’ll only lead to spending money which you don’t have. Besides, you don’t want to get out of those slacks.

So, in the end… you just sit at home; drinking, watching a lot of films and doing absolutely nothing productive. It’s a downward spiraling trail of self-loathing.

Right now, I’m pretty much at the bottom. I spend most of my time finishing up a 3 year overdue paper on Market research (the only thing I need to turn in before I officially graduate), but most of the time I do absolutely nothing. I walk around with a notebook, but I don’t really write in it because when I do… it inevitably sucks.

So I try to watch movies, but that just feels like I’m wasting my time, so I usually turn them off as well. Last week, I spent over an hour playing peek-a-boo with my dog. Sure it was fun, but it’s also rather sad. I’m reading quite a few books, but mostly I just want to do something.

And then I met Barney Stinson.

Yes, Neil Patrick Harris’ character in ‘How I met your Mother’

It all started a little over a week ago, when my brother asked me if I’ve ever seen Barney’s Apartment. I never had, because I never really watched the show. An episode here and there, but not really. So, he told me to check it out…

I did and I became subsequently hooked on the show.
Just a week and a half later… I’ve seen nearly all 6 seasons. It’s ridiculous. I cannot stop watching. Why?

Glad you ask.

Barney Stinson is my personal motivator.

He’s the man who ran the New York marathon without any training, the man who seduces almost every girl he sets his eye on, the man who didn’t take off Marshall’s overalls until he slept with someone, the man who comes up with great schemes to get what he want…

In short, the man is an inspiration. Whatever he sets out to do, he’ll do. No matter how difficult it is, he works as hard as he can to achieve it. He believes in himself more than anything in the world and he is addicted to style. Also, he’s probably phenomenal in the sack.

So yea, he became my personal motivator. This morning, I spent an hour in the gym on the cross trainer. I cut back on the junk food. I gave up drinking. I started to find constructive thing to do with my time (Blogging, Painting, Studying French, finishing my paper etc.)

In essence, the man pulled my out of my spiral and slowly I’m walking back up towards my own Awesomeness.

So, thank you Barney Stinson. The world may not understand you, but I love you!!




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