Chaos Theory

Humans have this thing for order that I’m trying to rid myself of. What do I mean by this. Well, for one… The week starts on Monday, and the year starts on the first of January (at least for most Westerners.) But this is absolute bull of course. The first of January is no different a date from the second of November. And who says the week should start on a Monday (or Sunday)?

The same goes for age. Does it really matter how old you are? Do you age by year, or by experience?
Most people assume your age matters. I’m not sure it really does. Sure a 3-year-old is different from a 6-year-old and definitely different from a 15-year-old (though they do throw the same tantrums), but at some point we should stop counting our beans.

Because we are not our age, and we should definitely stop acting our age. Who says we need to grow up when we grow older. Why not stay and play young for as long as we want to? Why not be responsible and intelligent beyond our years?

We shouldn’t let the numbers limit us. The week can start whenever we want, the year never ends. Everything is a sliding scale. Every day is just as important as the other, we just keep moving forward. It is ridiculous to attach more meaning to certain dates. It’s ridiculous to keep track and think that every year you can start over again.

You can’t.

All you can do, is what you can do now.


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